Connemara Doran

PhD, Harvard University

Historian of Science and Technology


Research Articles:

Forthcoming, “Cosmic Messages: Concordance and Uncertainty,” invited article for special issue of journal Centaurus on “Shaping a Multi-Messenger Universe: Historical Perspectives on the Changing Skyscape of Astronomical Inquiry” (2023).

Forthcoming, “Light as an Instrument of Precision Metrology: National Funding, Transnational Science, and IUPAP Roles, 1957-1997,” chapter for Oxford University Press book on the global history of physics, Jaume Navarro and Roberto Lalli, eds. (2023).

Forthcoming, “Robert Vessot’s Gravity Probe A: Perfect a hammer, and the world looks like a nail,” chapter co-authored with David DeVorkin for One Hundred Years Testing Einstein, Brian C. Odom and Daniel Kennefick, eds. (2023).

“Instrumentalizing and Visualizing the Cosmic First Light,” Nuncius: Journal of the Material and Visual History of Science 36, 1 (April 2021): 167-192.

“Low-cost, High-risk Electricity and the Texas Polar Vortex,” IAEE Energy Forum (Fourth Quarter 2021): 48-51. 

“Poincaré’s mathematical creations in search of the ‘true relations of things’” in Ether and Modernity: The recalcitrance of an epistemic object in the early twentieth century, Jaume Navarro, ed. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018), 45-66. 

“Poincaré’s Path to Uniformization,” in Uniformization, Riemann-Hilbert Correspondence, Calabi-Yau Manifolds, and Picard-Fuchs Equations, Lizhen Ji and Shing-Tung Yau, eds., Advanced Lectures in Mathematics 42 (Boston: International Press, 2018), 55-79.

Book Reviews:

“The Search for Dark Energy,” Journal for the History of Astronomy 51, 4 (Nov. 2020): 483-485. 

“Beyond Sputnik and the Space Race,” Nuncius 38, 1 (February 2023): 220-222.